Update Your Trade Show Exhibit to Reflect Your Brand & Marketing Initiatives

Image of the Brandt exhibit

Does your trade show exhibit reflect your brand and marketing initiatives? As a marketing professional you already know that consistency is key. It almost goes without saying that when your new marketing initiatives are rolled out, your trade show exhibit program should be updated to effectively represent those initiatives. Think of your exhibit as a […]

5 Tips to Revitalize Your Trade Show Exhibit

Image of Fage Exhibit

A trade show exhibit is made to last a long time; however, it can become outdated. Your organization’s goals, brand, guidelines and logo may have changed since you purchased your display. Does your display reflect these changes? Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do to modify the look of your exhibit to bring […]

4 Critical Factors to Maximize the Impact of Your Trade Show Graphics

Less is more when it comes to trade show graphics text. Readability is what’s key. You want the text to be large enough to attract someone’s attention from a distance, while not so large that it overpowers images. You also want to use a font that’s appealing, but not so fancy that your message is […]