4 Critical Factors to Maximize the Impact of Your Trade Show Graphics

Less is more when it comes to trade show graphics text. Readability is what’s key. You want the text to be large enough to attract someone’s attention from a distance, while not so large that it overpowers images. You also want to use a font that’s appealing, but not so fancy that your message is hard to read.

Contrast is also important. Text should be completely and easily distinguishable from the background. Too much shadowing and too many colors can blur distinguishability. But don’t worry. We’ll handle all this for you –striking a good balance between the various elements for maximum effect.

If you’ve participated in a trade show recently, you’ve likely noticed that graphics are hot right now. And frankly, we couldn’t be more excited about it! That’s because we love finding creative ways to help our clients make a bigger impact using graphics in their trade show displays.

Here are four ways we can boost the impact of graphics to draw more attention to your display, and your products and services.

Lighting for Maximum Impact

Some exhibitors take for granted the importance of good lighting, but lighting conditions can actually affect ink types and materials differently.  That’s why we’ll work with you to develop a lighting plan with lighting options that best complement your graphics. These range from traditional ceiling-suspended fixtures to lights that use the newest LED technology.

Color Choices

We look at the colors you already use in your logo and brand images, and assist you in choosing colors and shades that complement these. We will also use advanced color-matching techniques to get your colors right, regardless of how large your graphics are.

Text Size, Fonts and Contrast

Finishing for a Lasting Impression

Regardless of how intense and brilliant your trade show graphics are, proper finishing is what makes that lasting impression. So don’t skimp on quality here. We’ll devote as much time and effort on the finishing touches – like framing, stitching, and hardware—as we do on everything else.

Nationwide 360 Can Help

From conception to installation, Nationwide 360 has the background and expertise to handle all aspects of your trade show display. To learn more, give us a call today at 631-467-2034.

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