Walmart Shoptalk

Walmart Shoptalk

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Our Challenge

Create an incredibly immersive environment, a “Walmart Town,” that brings together three different divisions under the Walmart umbrella. The space needs to clearly differentiate the individual brand groups on the one hand, and maintain visual unity on the other.

Our Solution

The process started with a series of deep-dive info gathering sessions where our design team listened, ingested, and processed the individual functional requirements and aesthetic preferences of each division. The conceptual execution of the concept honed in on the notion of a ‘Walmart Town,’ an idea that came up in one of the brainstorming pow-wows, a solution that was soon to prove to be a great one.

With the proposal incorporating structural components from past projects, new custom-fabricated elements, and the 360 rental inventory, the space emerged with a nearly miraculous unity, an aesthetic cohesion that seemed like nothing short of magic. With the individual “storefronts” connected by a sidewalk (a custom vinyl graphic floor), the exhibit design featured more premium bells and whistles to count here. So be sure to take a look for yourself in the video below.

As soon as the concept was given the green light by all parties involved, the Nationwide 360 Production Team went to work with near surgical precision at a breakneck pace. Rome may not have been built in a day, but seriously, our guys built this one in a handful of short weeks. Way more than kudos is owed the 360 shop!

And the end result? Well, it was the talk of Shoptalk.

Eyes popped. Jaws dropped.

Another great project for the books!
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