The Impact of Rebranding on Your Exhibit Strategy

Thinking about a rebrand?  Well, if you’re reading this blog, you probably already know that we recently undertook the task ourselves here at Nationwide 360!  It was an amazing journey through a land filled with awe-inspiring peaks and perilous valleys. Having survived the adventure more or less intact and with the tale to tell, we thought this was a perfect time to talk about the impact of rebranding on your exhibit strategy ‘cause, well, that’s what we do. 

We all know exhibits are amazing opportunities to showcase your brand, products, and services to your target audience, and it goes without saying that your brand identity is key to how attendees perceive you. It’s your beautiful face, so to speak. Well, after a rebrand, considering what to do about the exhibit you designed and built for your old look and feel should be right up there at the top of your list of front-facing “content” you need to update.

Here are a few areas to keep an eye on during your rebrand:


This seems like a no-brainer, but beyond just words, you need to think about whether your audience is changing with your rebrand.  Often a rebrand happens when expanding services, demographics and client personas.  With your new brand, you need fresh, compelling content to communicate clearly with these new audiences. Ensure that your messaging is reinforced by your exhibit and branded environments’ architectural design. Did your message transform from quaint and cozy to wild and frenetic? Well, make sure that your brand spaces say that too.

Visual Identity

A rebrand typically includes a new visual identity, such as a logo, color scheme, and design elements. These visual changes should be integrated into your exhibition materials, including booth design, banners, brochures, and promotional items. Consistency in your visual identity is key to your brand’s new image. This could entail lots of graphic design and production, surface refinishing, and even structural modifications, so get started well in advance of your upcoming event!

Marketing Collateral

With a rebrand, your marketing collateral, including brochures, flyers, and business cards, may need updating. Ensure that all printed materials align with your new brand, and have enough copies on hand for distribution during exhibitions. Inconsistency in marketing materials versus your new brand identity may confuse audiences. Make a list of all the materials you need to update, and start in on the leg work. Don’t get overwhelmed. One at a time, slow and steady, you’ll get there!

Booth Design

This goes hand-in-hand with Visual Identity, of course, and needless to day your branded environment  is a key element of your brand’s physical presence at events and a space for people to engage with your brand. A rebrand may require a complete redesign of your exhibit to reflect the new brand identity, or may just need a little TLC. For example, if your rebrand is more modern-looking you want your booth to feel the same way. This includes incorporating updated visuals, messaging, and a cohesive layout. Get on the line with your exhibit designer, communicate your brand objectives clearly, and request solutions. A good exhibit house will be able to offer a great cost-effective solution you may not have thought of.

Training & Messaging Alignment

Your team’s understanding of the rebrand is essential. Conduct training sessions to ensure that all staff members are aligned with the new messaging, values, and visual identity. They should be able to effectively communicate the brand narrative to exhibition attendees and make it crystal clear what you stand for.

Pre-Event Promotion

Before attending events, leverage your rebrand to generate buzz and interest for the new look and feel. Tease the upcoming changes on your website, social media channels, and through email marketing. Consider using the exhibition as a platform to officially launch your rebrand to a targeted audience. If you have an existing customer base, communicate your rebrand to them in advance. Invite them to visit your booth at exhibitions to experience the changes firsthand. Engage with these customers to gather feedback and reinforce your commitment to providing value.

Networking & Partnerships

 Your rebrand may impact existing partnerships or create the potential for new ones. Attendees at exhibitions may view your brand differently after a rebrand, and this can lead to new networking opportunities or partnerships with businesses that align better with your new direction.

If your company is planning a rebrand, let’s share stories!  We can help with more than just your exhibits for your brand. From developing your visual identity and creatives, to designing your new website, launching brand activations to generate buzz, updating your corporate interiors and, of course, exhibit updates and modifications, our award-winning team can make your brand shine

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