An Evolving Industry Gives Rise to a Company-Wide Evolution

When looking for the origin of trade shows, most sources cite events starting as early as 3000 BC in the Middle East.  The world’s first recognized trade show, The Great Exhibition, made its debut in England in 1851 with over 100,000 exhibits.  In the nearly two centuries since then, the live event industry has continued to grow, morph and change drastically. 

At Nationwide, our roots go back to the early 1960’s and start with a third generation Irish kid with big dreams and big drive.  If you’ve never taken a minute to read all the details, grab a coffee, check out this blog and prepare to be inspired.  If you’ve already perused it, then you know that innovation has been part of our DNA since the beginning.  

That same innovative impulse prompted our team to take a high level look at how our current offerings have evolved over the years and assess how to perpetuate that evolution in order to continue being not just a leader in our space, but an innovator.  

One of the keys to our storied success and growth has been our ability to adapt our core competencies to meet the demands of the industries we serve.  No longer are the exhibits and environments we build for face-to-face events just displays.  They are immersive brand environments and full-fledged, eye opening experiences. Our team thrives on creating dreams and helping companies showcase their stuff not just within the four walls of a convention center, but anywhere – live or virtually- and being a generator of all that goes into it, from content creation and conceptualization to installation and shipping.  

Hence, the next step of our evolution  – Nationwide 360. A name that reflects the full circle of services we provide for the experiential brand marketing industry.  

As we considered what products and services our team of rock stars currently offer, we also re-imagined where.  Our vision brings brands to life in parks, malls, cyberspace and even within the walls of their existing offices and retail environments.  New spaces bring new opportunities and we are over the moon excited to share product offerings to support these spaces.  No longer will our name be synonymous with just displays. We are well on our way to becoming  the go-to resource when companies need architectural fabrications, brand experiences, creative solutions and more.  

Hang on to your hats and stay tuned as we share ideas and solutions that will redefine the industry and your expectations.  For now, browse the pages of our new website and subscribe to our newsletter.  You won’t be disappointed.

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