Tips for Effective Exhibit Design

Example of a custom exhibit by Fage

Everyone wants their exhibit to stand out on the show floor and to capture the attention of attendees, but making that happen is a big task.  Effective exhibit design is both a strategic and creative process that can require collaboration between multiple teams, including your exhibit vendor.  Our team has put together a list of three things to keep in mind when you are thinking about how to bring your next booth space to life.

Start With the Goal You are Trying to Achieve

An effective show strategy starts with a clear goal.  Are you trying to create brand awareness? Promote new products? Reinforce an existing product line? Give out a lot of samples? One of the golden rules of design in any discipline is ‘Form follows function.” Exhibit and experiential design is no exception. Understanding the functional goals of your exhibit will help your designer create a space that can drive great results. 

Fully functioning food prep and cooking by Good Catch
Good Catch’s fully functioning food prep and cooking counter enables their chefs to serve their delicious meatless seafood to hundreds of attendees every day of the show.

Have a Strong Brand Identity

Before design and construction can begin on your exhibit, you will need to articulate what brand message needs to be portrayed.  This goes beyond colors and fonts and delves into what feelings and emotions you want attendees to experience while interacting with you. Is your messaging corporate, crisp and clean, or perhaps whimsical, fun, and abstract? Carefully outlining your brand messaging to your designers will help guide them in their architectural design choices such as graphic applications, materials, and lighting.

Example of a custom exhibit by Smarties
Smarties brings their iconic brand to life dynamically on the show floor.

Balance Your Budget & Design Ideas

When thinking about your exhibit design, it is important to balance your design dreams with your budget.  Great design doesn’t need to be incredibly expensive.  A good design can create impact and stay within economic parameters with creative applications.  As you are considering the materials you have in mind, be mindful of the costs of installation and dismantling, the weight of the structures being built, and the costs of the materials and lighting. Having this discussion with your experiential designer will ensure your design shines but doesn’t break the bank.

Daily Crave’s pop-up event display is self contained, fully mobile.
Daily Crave’s pop up event display is self contained, fully mobile, and brings their brand to life without breaking the bank.

Regardless of your goals, your exhibit sets the stage for bringing your brand to life and creating an experience that will provide the maximum return on your investment.  Get inspired with some of our favorite custom and rental exhibits. Our team is ready to help you start planning. .

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