Redesign or Refurbish, What Fits Your Needs?

Corner View of the Twinings Peninsula Exhibit

Now that trade shows have returned, you are most likely thinking about the impact of your company’s presence on the show floor. The most important component of this is your trade show booth. Many companies have found that their brands have changed since their last in-person event. This has created the need to update the exhibit experience they present to clients and associates on the show floor, one which reflects current brand messaging. There are two ways to go here, both are effective: refurbishing your existing booth properties or designing and building a completely new one. Here are some key factors to take into account when considering whether to redesign or refurbish your trade show exhibit.

When to Refurbish

Has your brand changed since your last show? Did your last exhibit function less than effectively? Do you want to be cost-conscious your first few shows back? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, refurbishing your existing exhibit may be your best move. Logo or color changes go a long way in transforming your space without changing the physical structure. Adding lights or changing flooring can breathe new life into an exhibit space. With fewer major changes, you can elevate your show floor presence to the next level while keeping expenditures to a comfortable level.

When to Redesign

Are you ready for a completely new look or layout? Does your company want to make a big splash at your next event? Is it simply time to change your booth because you’ve had it for several years and it now shows the wear and tear of multiple show cycles? These are all great reasons to design and build a new exhibit. Redesigning allows you to create a unique environment that is all about your brand, without the limitations of how your previous exhibit looked or functioned. Starting with a clean slate and a new branding palette can give you exactly what you want, and provide a show-stopping wow when you return to the trade show floor.

Image Gallery of the Twinings Refurbishment
Twining Tea Trade Show Exhibit Refurbishment Example

A Recent Trade Show Exhibit Refurbishment Brought to Life

Long-term Nationwide 360 partner, Twinings, recently refurbished their 20×30 booth for the NAMA Show in New Orleans. Twinings decided to update their branding, starting with an extensive remodeling of their flagship store on The Strand in England. Using that project as inspiration, and through a close collaboration with the Twinings creative team, we made modifications to their existing structure that emulate their new brand identity. Key changes included vinyl flooring, gold finishes, updated graphics and dimensional elements. The end result left the Twinings team ecstatic.

Whether you are looking to refurbish or redesign, the Nationwide 360 team can make your vision a reality. Click here to see more of our projects. We are ready to help you get back to exhibiting and look great while doing it.

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