Is a Hybrid Exhibit Show Strategy Right for You?

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The pandemic has taught us the importance of prioritizing trade show strategy flexibility.  A new way to do this is to think beyond traditional face-to-face meetings. What does it look like when we merge in-person events with online virtual platforms?

As people return to the show floor, we see the potential of employing a hybrid trade show strategy. Melding virtual platforms with in-person events has proven effective.  Here are the ways we see a hybrid strategy working for the foreseeable future:

Augment an Existing Show Strategy

Shows are happening. However, travel restrictions and reduced marketing budgets continue to prohibit companies from reaching a large number of prospects and clients. To address this, savvy marketers build virtual exhibit and event spaces that attendees access during the live event. This allows brand messaging to reach a greater number of prospects.  

Incorporating video conferences into workstations or meeting rooms is a fantastic way to include those who are not present. Nationwide 360’s virtual platforms can take the form of any branded space – your exhibit, a showroom, a corporate facility or lab.  The options are limitless. Virtual attendees can access the information from these platforms at any time. This allows a company to reach more people beyond the hours of an in-person trade show.

Advertise Virtually Between Trade Shows

A virtual platform can also be used to advertise upcoming events, product launches or tease the release of new information. With the ability to integrate e-commerce functionality, lead capture forms and keynote speaker presentations, this is a perfect way to keep clients and prospects engaged between events. By creating your virtual exhibit with an immersive 3D space increases engagement and makes the virtual event a special experience.

Host Virtual Fundraisers

Clients utilize our virtual platform to fundraise in conjunction with a live event.  With the ability to integrate pre-recorded or live video, companies share their stories to an unlimited audience and increase their potential for pledges or donations. 

Additional sections that highlight the benefactors and organizations with stories, images or videos make the design personal. This emerging technology assists with silent and live auctions, raffles and additional donation requests. 

A hybrid event strategy is a strong compliment to traditional face-to-face marketing tactics. Creating virtual platforms provides limitless possibilities to enhance marketing initiatives. Virtual environments can be designed to any specification without having to worry about show rules or facility limitations.

As in-person events continue to return, a hybrid approach will assist in keeping more people connected during the transition.

Let us know your thoughts and please share any virtual experiences you have seen that were amazing!

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