Virtual Exhibits and Virtual Events – What Does My Company Need?

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By now, you have certainly heard the buzz about Virtual Events.  One of the biggest questions we have received since stepping into this new product line is, What is the difference between a Virtual Event and Virtual Exhibit and how do either help my business?  With over 60 years experience in designing and building cutting edge exhibits for physical event spaces, our initial launch of Virtual Exhibits, and now our brand-new launch of Virtual Events, our team is fully-equipped with the answers!

Think of a virtual exhibit as a 3D immersive simulation of your physical exhibit. It can mirror your physical exhibit exactly or, unencumbered by the limitations of show regulations, production budgets, or even the laws of physics, your virtual exhibit experience can be completely different than what attendees see on the physical show floor. Heck, it doesn’t even need to be on a show floor. For example, one of our Southern California clients built their virtual exhibit on a beach! We can create your immersive exhibit experience in just about any environment you can dream of.

Check out our virtual exhibit demo below!

Many customers have come to us frustrated by the limitations and lack of customization many virtual shows offer for showcasing their brand.  Nationwide 360 Virtual Exhibits are anything but limiting. Our job at live events is to create a unique and exciting brand experience for our clients. That’s exactly what we do in virtual space as well! To say it another way, if you don’t settle for show-provided pipe and drape booths at trade shows, why would you settle for the flat virtual exhibits provided by the event provider?

Our immersive exhibits are fully customizable, fully immersive, and completely unique.   The best part is you do not even need a show to showcase it.   They are perfect for winning new clients or upselling existing ones, and can be used all the time… even after the event is over, your virtual exhibit can still be open!

Immersive Virtual Events

We’ve taken the same principles we developed for immersive exhibits described above and have now applied them on the event level as well. After seeing the limitations on many of the products in the marketplace, Nationwide 360 has proudly announced that we can help show organizers and companies create virtual events and conferences.  This product integrates the full suite of virtual event functionality with immersive augmented reality and creates a dynamic experience that will engage attendees, exhibitors, partners, and clients. 

Event Managers have the option to choose from one of our exclusive, immersive environments or to work with us to develop a breathtaking virtual world customized for your event’s theme. Want your event in an idyllic pastoral setting? You got it. How about an urban underground vibe?  We can do that too. The possibilities are endless.

Exhibitors in our virtual events have that same freedom. They can choose from one of our base virtual exhibits inclusive in the package you as the event provider offer to them, or Nationwide Events can build a mind-blowing virtual exhibit for them from scratch, an exhibit that is theirs to “take with them” to their next virtual event.

Regardless of your needs, Nationwide 360 has a solution to bring your brand to life.  Our renowned customer service is now extended into a virtual world.

Check out one of our virtual events below!

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