Preparing for the Return of In-Person Events

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Whether your company participates as an exhibitor or attendee, businesses big and small are anxiously awaiting the return of in-person events.  As that day gets closer, our team has been considering how they may look different than the last time we were all together.  Here are some of our thoughts.

Physical Booth Structures Tailored for Social Distancing

As events make their slow and steady comeback, it’s becoming clear that returning safely will be top of mind for event providers, exhibitors, and attendees. The same high level of social distancing and safety measures we’ve come to expect at our local shops and eateries will certainly become the expectation on the show floor as well.

Last spring, when we developed our line of COVID Safety Products, how they would eventually integrate into the return of in-person events and our core business was not top of mind.  It has now become evident that the successful line of products we’ve developed to help businesses adapt will be a key factor in bringing trade shows and events back as well. Since one of our main focuses has been ‘custom solutions,’ we’re now uniquely positioned to retrofit existing exhibit properties and fabricate custom solutions for exhibit spaces. Our custom dividers and partitions are perfect for creating a secure environment for in-booth meetings or for creating a space barrier during product demonstrations.

Speaking of product demonstrations, if you plan to have customers handling items within the booth, a Sanitization Station is perfect for providing them the ability to quickly sanitize their hands after interaction. 

Finally, custom floor graphics are perfect for ensuring that traffic flows easily through your space, without causing clusters of people.

These simple measures will assure your clients and colleagues that their safety is your priority. And that’s priceless.

But our team didn’t stop there.  Every one of us recognizes how different business is going to be as states start to loosen restrictions and day to day interactions resume.  We went back to the drawing board and have developed a full line of Workplace Safety Solutions.  From workplace partitions to plexiglass room dividers, floor graphics to promote social distancing, and branded sanitation stations, the team has created solutions for virtually every business application.  If there is a business out there, our team can envision a product to protect employees and customers.

Interacting with Attendees that Cannot Attend In-Person

With size limitations on indoor events likely to remain in place even after the return of in-person events, it is critical that your exhibit can be experienced by those who are unable to attend the live event. Creating a virtual-physical hybrid strategy for reaching all attendees will allow you to interact with more people, regardless of their location and travel restrictions. 

Nothing can replace face-to-face meetings, but an interactive, immersive 3D exhibit is a great way to simulate your company’s unique brand experience, giving your virtual clients and prospects the feeling of active engagement. A vast improvement over the static show-provided landing page booths, attendees can walk through a dynamic replication of your exhibit in virtual space just as they would your physical exhibit.

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The in-booth meeting and chat functionalities are perfect for communicating from your physical exhibit with those who are in your virtual exhibit in real-time. 

Virtual product integration functionality allows you to showcase your products across geographic barriers, and with the integrated marketing functions, you can track where visitors are spending their time in the exhibit, making follow up communication that much more targeted.

Changing Your "Typical" Event Calendar

The trade show circuit has become familiar over the years, with lots of regular exhibitors at major shows.  While longer distance travel may be further down the road, local, and regional travel could resume sooner.  Many shows are looking at smaller, regionalized show options to help rebound the industry.  Now is the perfect time to ensure that you can perhaps transport your exhibit to more shows in a smaller span of time. 

We are all anxiously awaiting the time when we reconvene on the show floor.  Let’s focus on being ready to rock and roll as soon as that day is here.

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