Commonly Overlooked Exhibit Program Details: Location, Location, Location!

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The location of your exhibit on the trade show floor has a direct impact on the success of your exhibit program. We’ll tell you all about the dos and don’ts of picking floor location in this blog, the first in our new series, “Commonly Overlooked Exhibit Program Details.”

It’s Impossible to Underestimate the Importance of Location!

Location, location, location! We’ve all heard how important location is in real estate, and this very much applies to trade show booth space selection as well. However, as important as it is to choose the right booth space at each show, this is too often an afterthought. Big mistake! Location should be at the forefront of your mind long before the show date approaches as it will have a direct effect on how many attendees visit your exhibit space.

Here are four tips for choosing the ideal location on the trade show floor at your next show:

1-Know the Deadlines

Be sure to read show guidelines carefully so you’re aware of the deadlines for choosing booth space. At some shows, booth spaces are selected at the previous year’s show, so keep that in mind before you leave your event. First-come, first-served is often the case so, armed with the proper information, you’ll get the best choice of spaces and save money if you commit early.

2-Do Your Homework

Do your research to find out not only what the overall show floor space looks like, but also so you can consider what other exhibitors might do as well. Study the layouts and sizes of the booths that will surround yours and, if possible, how they will be positioned by finding out what those exhibitors did with their spaces at the previous show. A giant booth can overshadow a smaller booth, for example, especially if it is enclosed with high walls.

Also, try to determine where your biggest competitors will be located. Then think strategically to decide whether it’s advantageous for you to be located directly next to a major competitor or at a distance from them. According to Exhibitor Magazine, relevance trumps popularity when it comes to picking the right space so think about your own needs and your audience, not about how much competition there is for a certain space.

3-Consider Entrances

In general, being near the entrance to the show is thought to be a good spot if it’s available. The reasoning is that all attendees will see your booth as they come and go; however, there is an exception. If you are too close to and off to the side of the entry, attendees may walk right past you as they are coming and going. The trick is to find a suitable location near the entrance, considering the factors mentioned above, while not being in the blind spot to the side of it.

4-Pick a Space that Works with Your Exhibit

Be sure to choose a booth size and configuration that will work best for your exhibit structure—island, peninsula or inline. Otherwise, costly retrofitting might be necessary in order to get your exhibit “to fit” an erroneously chosen space as exhibit regulations differ from one type of space to the other.

You’ll also want to be careful to avoid booth spaces that contain show hall columns. An unsightly column may require your entire exhibit to be reworked, which could mean costly structural adjustments or sacrificing key components of the exhibit’s design.

We Hope You’ve Enjoyed Our Tips for Improving Your Exhibit Program

We hope you’ve enjoyed our tips on picking the ideal location for your exhibit at your next trade show. We’ll cover key aspects of booth regulations in our next blog in the series so don’t forget to check it out next month. In the meantime, we also wanted to share a little with you about what’s been keeping us busy.

Nationwide 360 Is Gearing Up for the Summer Fancy Food Show

Our team is super excited as we busily prepare for one of our biggest shows of the year, the 2018 Summer Fancy Food Show at the Javits Center in New York. We’ll have more than 30 exhibits at the show, both small and large, showcasing clients that have been with us for decades, as well as new partnerships debuting brand new exhibits.

Nationwide 360 is a one-stop shop for comprehensive trade show solutions; these range from designing and crafting unique custom exhibits to providing trade show services. To learn more, give us a call today at 631-467-2034.

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