Why Trade Shows and Events Are Perfect for Launching New Products

Image of the Good Catch trade show exhibit

Research suggests that about 80% of exhibitors at trade shows are there to spotlight products, many of which are hitting the market for the first time. That’s why it makes perfect sense to choose a trade show as the place for launching your new product or service. There are many benefits to doing this. We’ll briefly touch on four of these.

Reach the Right Audience

When you launch your new products at the right trade show, you’re reaching a willing, captive audience seeking out what’s new on the market. This audience consists of decision makers, often with related buying power for their organizations. Just be sure you’re choosing the right events and shows so you’re reaching a concentrated group of your target demographic.

Hype Before and After the Show

Since a trade show has a fixed date and location, it’s easy to build up hype and intrigue about your new products beforehand to boost traffic. After the product has launched at the show, you can use marketing to generate more show traffic. Then after the show, follow up on leads you’ve gathered and boost your sales.

It’s Easy to Measure Results at Trade Shows

A trade show or event provides a real and tangible target for your launch campaign. That means the results can easily be measured and analyzed for efficacy.

Create “Wow” Factor with an Exhibit as Awesome as Your Products

Trade show launches make a much bigger impact than other types of product launches. That’s because a well-designed custom exhibit will showcase your product in its best possible light. The exhibit is made to specifically showcase what’s special about your products, as well as their unique benefits. The exhibit can be configured with demonstration areas, tasting bars, video screens or any other components that best highlight your new products.

Watch Our Videos About Successful Product Launches at Trade Shows

We recently helped two of our clients – Good Catch and Sir Kensington’s – launch new products at Natural Products Expo West with great success. They were kind enough to tell us about their experiences on video, which we wanted to share with you.


We hope you enjoyed watching the videos about launching new products at trade shows. If you liked them or have any questions, drop Steve Griffith a line at s.griffith@nationwide-360.com. We’d love to hear from you.

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