How Much Will My Custom Exhibit Cost?

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How much does a custom exhibit cost? This is hands down the most common question we hear as designers and builders of exhibits for trade shows and experiential events. The quick answer: by current industry standards, a new custom exhibit costs between $150-250 per square foot.

That’s pretty wide-ranging, especially considering; for example, a typical 20’x20’ space (400 square feet). An exhibit of that size could cost anywhere between $60,000 and $100,000.

Understanding the Cost Range of a Custom Exhibit

So why such a broad range? Simply put, you get what you pay for. That might sound brusque, but your functional and aesthetic requirements will drive the cost. It may seem obvious, but the more you add into your booth space, the more the exhibit will cost. An exhibit with a double deck used for private meeting rooms, for example, is going to have a huge impact on the bottom line. Another determining factor is the type of booth space. An island space typically has the potential for building up to 16’ high, providing increased visibility over an inline where exhibit components are restricted to 8’ high.

Some of the other exhibit components to take into consideration when budgeting: custom cabinetry, flooring, graphics, lighting, wall panels, hanging signs, audio visual equipment, storage rooms, furniture, shipping crates custom-built to protect your investment during shipping, plus all the other small details and accessories that make for a high-end exhibit experience ranging from cabinet hardware to electrical wiring to wastebaskets.

What About Behind-the-Scenes Costs?

Additionally, you’ll have to factor into your budget all the “behind-the-scenes” costs associated with your custom exhibit. A good exhibit partner will present these costs up front so there aren’t any unpleasant “surprises” after the initial agreement has been made. These costs typically include show services costs, shipping and handling, and the creation of comprehensive installation documents, which will ultimately save you money by reducing installation time on the show floor.

If this is your first go-round developing an exhibit program for your company, all of this might seem overwhelming. But fear not, a good exhibit partner will clearly outline the costs and advise on your budget plan based on your requirements from inception. They’ll then provide a line-by-line cost breakdown during the design and conception phase so you have a comprehensive understanding of what you’re paying for.

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